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  Wrenovations Stained Glass Creations is an independent, family owned and operated studio. In business since 1986,Mark & Arlene Wren pride themselves on their original designs, quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service and personal attention to every order.

Mark and Arlene moved from the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York to Maine in the late 1970's. They were drawn to the rural life in downeast Maine and have made it their home. With nature providing inspiration and the long winters encouraging activities close to the wood stove, Mark & Arlene began experimenting in the art of stained glass. They discovered a strong desire for drawing the original patterns and then creating them in stained glass.

For almost twenty years now, Mark and Arlene have been creating a wide variety of hand drawn, original designs. Specialty art glass is hand selected and used to accentuate the orignal design. In many of their creations, the addition of bevels, baubles, agates and driftwood provides further accent and detail. The art of stained glass has become their passion.

Their stained glass creations are available year round at their studio or at select art shows. The selection offers a large range of styles, colors, designs and prices. Stained glass panels, lamps, mirrors, candle holders, votives, wind chimes, nite lights, jewelry and sun catchers are a few of the items available.

Mark & Arlene work directly with all customers who want to design a custom stained glass creation. They are able to create a design which will complement your chosen location at your business or home. Using your idea or design, creating a new design, or adapting an existing pattern, they will create a stained glass panel to meet your preference. The customer can be as involved as they wish. This may be achieved by approving the final pattern, selecting glass samples, determining type of framing, etc. Their goal is the customer's satisfaction.

Feel free to contact Mark & Arlene and tell them specifically what you are interested in. They will make every effort to help your vision become a reality.

Mark demonstrating his work at a craft show

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