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Wrenovations Stained Glass Creations

Thousands of stained glass art creations handmade by Maine craftsman Mark Wren decorate the homes and businesses of customers far and wide. Mark welcomes your custom design ideas and will create artwork for a specific location or décor, in the colors or theme of your choice. His one-of-a-kind creations are made with specialty art glass from the U.S and Europe. Fine details are achieved by using copper foil and leading techniques, allowing for the use of small pieces of glass. Many of our decorative pieces are accented with unique items, such as seashells, polished agate slices and driftwood. Custom wood framing is available. Hand-drawn artwork is used to design pieces depicting flowers, birds, mythical creatures, fish and outdoor scenes. Geometric and abstract styles, along with Celtic and religious symbols round out our extensive collection. We offer a large selection of stained glass lamps, panels, mirrors, jewelry, night-lights, wind chimes, wall hangings, sun catchers and special occasion artwork.

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